New Giesen agent in USA

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We want to introduce our newest preferred supplier of America. David Sutfin has been in the coffee business for over 15 years. He’s worked as a barista, technician and a business owner and now as a Giesen agent.

Tell us something about yourself

“I grew up in a large family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I learned a strong work ethic from my father who was a carpenter.  Then I got married at a young age and went to travel the USA and Canada before I settled down in Pennsylvania. I am married and have two children.  I love riding my road bike in the country whenever I find time.” 

Why did you want to become a Giesen agent?

“As espresso machine technicians we have a lot of opportunities to see what the coffee community is interested in. My opinion is that in recent years there is a rising interest in roasting coffee. During our time in the field talking with customers we started to realize that our customers who see the importance of high quality coffee brewing equipment,  also see the importance of high quality coffee roasters. We hope that becoming an agent of Giesen will give us an opportunity to supply customers with a very high quality coffee roaster. And we also know that supporting customers is very important. We want to be strong on customer support.”

What’s your expertise concerning coffee roasters?

“We are now creating a team of people who will be able to support Giesen equipment. We are gathering experience from the field in Europe and in North America and training at the Giesen factory.”

What sort of questions you can help our customers with?

“During a recent „roaster tour“ I did with one of the technicians at Giesen, we discussed how big North America is! There is also a time difference and language difference (even though most people at Giesen have much better English than my Dutch). We want to help be a liaison between Giesen and customers abroad. I’m pretty passionate about good coffee. I have good attention to detail. I think I am good at listening to what customers want and need.”

What can clients expect of you?

“Clients can expect great customer support and access to resources from us.“

What do you want to achieve?

“I am convinced that great baristas, high quality equipment and beautiful cafe build-outs all contribute greatly to the specialty coffee world. What we do with the green coffee from roaster to cup has a huge impact in our community and in the world. We have all seen great improvements in specialty coffee and I want to be a part of making that trend continue.”

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