An espresso is not really an espresso without a golden-brown foam layer on top. But did you know that there is a name for this layer of foam? Namely crema. We’ll tell you all about it.


Crema is the name for the layer of foam that lies on top of your espresso. Not only does it look tasty, but it also says something about the espresso in front of you. From the foam layer, you can tell if the coffee is of good quality. Things you can look at are the colour and thickness of the layer. It’s also important how long the foam layer is visible.

The quality of your espresso

But what exactly can you find out from these points? A thin layer of crema that dissolves quickly is not a good sign. It could be that the beans are too coarsely ground or that the coffee is old. A light colour crema doesn’t bode well either. Then your espresso probably has a light taste. This is often the reason for too cold water or too little coffee. If the layer is too dark then the water was probably too hot. It may also be because of the finely ground beans. This is not good either.

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Updated on 06-01-2021